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Andrew decides to marry Jasmine

Today I am going to introduce a new feature of the blog that I will hopefully be updating regularly.  We have four young children, and as those of you with kids know, sometimes they can say some pretty funny things.  This is particularly true when they are pretending or when they are just talking to each other.  One of the most awesome things about kids is that they do have a naturally naivety about saying silly things.  They don’t yet understand that their friends and others will laugh at them for saying silly stuff.  They typically will just say what they think and not really worry about what someone might think of that.  Needless, to say, this is a part of their life I’m going to really miss when they grow up a little more.  Some of these entries will be longer than others, and typically they start and end rather abruptly. 

The following exchange took place on the way home from church Sunday night, after I had been gone with my oldest son (Adam, 10) most of the day helping a friend “Mr. Green” move.  My daughter (Jasmine, 7) and middle son (Andrew, 5) were riding home with me in the truck.  Let’s pick up the conversation there:

*One footnote before we start.  This is best read out loud.  You should use different voices and volumes between Jasmine and Andrew.  Jasmine is fairly calm and motherly in tone.  Andrew is very excitable and talks louder and louder as his brain races faster and faster.

Andrew:  When I get older Jasmine is going to be my wife.

Me:  Jasmine can’t be your wife, she’s your sister.

Andrew:  Why not?  She’s going to be my wife too.

Me:  I’m sorry, you can’t marry your sister, and anyway you won’t really want to anymore when you get older anyway.

Jasmine:  I’m not going to be your wife Andrew!  I’m going to be someone else’s wife. 

Andrew:  Dad, when Jasmine is somebody else’s wife, she’ll still be my sister?

Me:  Yep, she’ll always be your sister.  That will never change. 

Jasmine:  And when I am a wife we will buy a house. 

Andrew:  You’re going to get a house when you get married?  (This was asked with some amount of amazement for some reason.)

Jasmine:  Yes silly.  When I get married then I can buy a house.  And you can live in the same neighborhood as us, next door!

Andrew:  I can live next to you?!  Well…so I can be your neighbor and you can be my neighbor?

Jasmine:  Yes!  We will be neighbors.

Andrew:  -< Pondering this development> –  Jasmine!  How will I know where you’re going to live so I can be your neighbor???

Jasmine:  We are going to live with Mr. Green in his neighborhood.

Andrew:  You are!?  Did you ask him that already, if you could live with him?

Jasmine:  No, but I will when I get married.  Then I can live with Mr. Green in his neighborhood.

Andrew:  We’re gonna live with Mr. Green! 

The End


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