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Super Bowl 2010 Commercials

I pretty much watched the Super Bowl just for the ads this year.  I don’t really care much about either team.  If you held a gun to my head, I would have told you I wanted the Saints to win, but only because they beat the Cards, and if you’re going to lose you want to lose to the best.  So, ultimately that worked out as I wanted.  Because I didn’t care much for the teams I decided to focus on the commercials.  I broke them down into 3 basic categories: Funny, Stupid, and Weird.  Then I picked my Top 5 favorite commercials.  In fact, I was able to even decide one particular favorite, and it was not a very difficult decision.


The following commercials were those that I thought were genuinely funny.  There were some others that were worth a chuckle or two, but these are the only ads I would label as funny.

For consistent funniness, Doritos was the clear winner.  They had a series of public created ads that they ran, and all were funny.  You can see their six here.  I think Underdog and Kids These Days are the funniest.

Budweiser and Bud Light have dominated the last few years, but I wasn’t really all that impressed this year.  Even with a subpar (by their standards) performance, they managed to get 3 ads on my funny list.


Stranded (Or LOST)


E*TRADE Girlfriend

CareerBuilder Casual Fridays

KGB Sumo


These commercials were not only Not Funny, they were downright stupid.  Some were stupid because they have completely overused their one funny idea to the point that it’s completely lame.  (See  I’m not going to link to them, they’re so dumb I don’t want to take the time.  Look them up yourself if you want to spend time getting dumber.

Speaking of which, GoDaddy’s commercials were the talk of the Super Bowl something like 5 years ago.  Now, it’s as if they can’t come up with any more original ideas.  If you’ve seen one of their ads, you’ve seen them all.

Coke ad using the Simpsons.  I guess it was somewhat clever, but it didn’t feel new or exciting in any way .  It was just dumb.

Bud Light T-Pain commercial.  Seriously?  Did Andy Samberg (content warning) come up with that one? Lame  If you’ve seen the one they did last year where the baby came out and gave the doctor a handshake after a great delivery, you already know where this one is going.  Another case of a company going back to the same well one too many times.

Carmax.  I guess their ads were unique, but I just thought they were uniquely dumb.

Taco Bell Charles Barkley.  This could have gone 100 different directions with the Mound Round of Rebound – all of them good.  Yet, somehow they took it the one direction that would be just plain dumb.

2010 Census.  Really.  Your Federal Government (2010 Proposed Budget – $1.6 Trillion Deficit) spent $2.5 million to tell the US there is a census this year.  Wow.  (The ad actually made me chuckle, but the idea of them placing an ad in the Super Bowl was so over-the-top RETARDED -yeah, I went there- that it had to be put in the Stupid category.)


These ads may also have had funny elements.  They may have even sprung from very funny ideas.  Unfortunately, they ended up just plain weird.  I even have a #1 weirdest in this category, because it was such a standout.

Boost Superbowl Shuffle (Here’s the original)

Monster Beaver

Dr. Pepper – Little KISS (This could have gone in stupid too – just like every Dr. Pepper commercial with KISS, not sure who keeps telling them these are good ads)

Miller High Life (Pssst…Miller…you just spent $2.5 million for that)

Emerald Nuts and Pop Secret

And really, it was no contest, but this was the weirdest ad this year:

Little Palomalu guy

Before we get to my Top 5, I’d like to pause and recognize a commercial that needed it’s own special category.

Winning the prize for, “Most overwhelmingly non-controversial ad that would have never generated as much buzz as it did if leftist pro-abortion groups didn’t howl and scream incessantly for the last 2 weeks that it was the most controversial ad in Super Bowl history”  Tim and Mom Tebow (On a serious note, if you haven’t done so, take the time to watch the story behind the ad here. Definitely a God Story as Mrs. Tebow says.)

Top 5:

5.)        Stranded (Or LOST)  I love LOST too much not to include this one.

4.)        Doritos – Tazed

3.) ad with Reggie Bush That play is flat-out amazing

2.)        Kia Sorento “How you like me now?” Just a great ad, I thought.

Drumroll please…and the my runaway favorite for best ad in the 2010 Super Bowl is…

1.)        Seriously, this is awesome.  Just click it…

And oh yeah, the Saints outscored the Colts 31-7 after being down 0-10 and won the game fairly easily.

So, that’s my Super Bowl summary.  What did you think?  Any other ads you thought should have been on my funny, stupid, or weird lists?  How’d you like my Top 5?  What was your favorite ad?


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