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Effectual Calling

I read Tim Challies blog nearly every day.  I highly recommend it to you as well. Tim has been reading through a book called “Redemption Accomplished and Applied.”  I have not been reading it with him, simply reading his summaries of the chapters.  The following is a portion from his summary on the accomplishment of atonement and it may be quite convicting:

Murray wants to be sure that we properly understand the strength of the word “call.” It is a word that has more power in the Greek than in its English translation. “If we are to understand the strength of this word, as used in this connection, we must use the word ‘summons.’ The action by which God makes his people the partakers of redemption is that of summons. And since it is God’s summons it is efficacious summons.” We may be summoned to appear in court and, even with the authorities threatening punishment if we fail to appear, we can still ultimately decide not to. But when God summons we are unable and unwilling to resist. “The summons is invested with the efficacy by which we are delivered to the destination intended—we are effectively ushered into the fellowship of Christ.” Showing that this is calling into the kingdom of Christ and out of the kingdom of darkness, Murray offers this important warning: “If we find ourselves at home in the ungodliness, lust, and filth of this present world, it is because we have not been called effectually by God’s grace.

You can read the rest of his post over at his blog.


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