Being purposeful at Christmas time

We seem to struggle every year with relating the reality of why we celebrate Christmas with our children. It seems that every year we talk about how “this year is going to different” and we are going to be purposeful in teaching the Christmas story to our family throughout the entire Christmas season (Thanksgiving to Christmas…) However, every year I get to about the 23rd of December and realize that I’ve failed yet again amidst the busyness of the season. I would like to encourage you to be purposeful starting now and make sure your family is focused on the story of Christ this year. I have found what I think will be a great resource for us and wanted to share it with you as well.

The website is at You will need to enter an email address and a password for access to the reading plans. (I gave them my info about 6 months ago and have only gotten 2 emails or so – both useful, so they shouldn’t spam you or anything). Here is what they say about the Christmas Reading plan:

“If you start the “Rediscovering the Christmas Season” plan on December 1, you can experience the true Christmas story—direct from the source, along with supporting material to help you understand its significance—just in time for Christmas Day.”

As a side note, if you have an Android, iPhone, or Blackberry you can get an incredible free app from them that has tons of different Bible versions, reading plans, etc. It’s a great tool.

If you don’t already have a plan for studying through the Christmas story this year, maybe this will be something you can find useful in your family as well.


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