50 Posts?

I was looking at my blog today, thinking about how much I have neglected it for the last couple months, and realized something that shocked me. I have written 50 posts. That seems like a big number. I don’t consider myself a great writer or even someone who has very interesting things to say most of the time. But somehow I did find something to say, about 50 times in the last few months. Along the way, I even picked up some people that read this thing regularly (or at least get it delivered to their email box, which is good enough for me!)

My friend wrote a post on his blog recently that sums up my issues with writing lately, and he’s a much better writer than me, so I’ll just say ditto:

…For those of you that could care less about my writing plight, the point here is that our own neglect is often the very cause of our dwindling inspiration. As was the case before the creation of this blog, the more time I spent without writing, the more my drive sank in to the proverbial “toilet.” Imagine that, you actually lose interest in things when you fail to spend time doing them! I would suggest that this is the case for most of the things in our lives; relationships included.

The challenge then, is how willing we are to include some things, all the while knowing that it will be at the exclusion of something else. As I have written about previously, the activities of our lives say a lot about what we find important. We may not necessarily like what we see at first, but what purpose do priorities serve if they don’t cause us to make some revisions now and then?

What a wake up call to me.  “The activities of our lives say a lot about what we find important.”

I don’t have much else to say on this subject, I just wanted to let my small band of readers know that I’m back, and I’m excited to do some writing.  So buckle up, because here we go.


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