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I was working at my desk the other day, listening to The Riot on Radiou.  They were interviewing a guy named Andrew Schwab, who is the singer for the band Project 86.  I wasn’t listening super intently, but perked up a little when the subject of the conversation turned to food.  I still missed most of the interview, but decided to try to find his blog and see if I could read the post they were referencing in the interview.  Sure enough, found it, “Knifing Forcefully at your Colon.”  It turned out to be a really funny, yet serious take on what it’s like for a guy in a band trying to find healthy food while touring.  He also talked about his wife having Celiac Disease, which is basically being allergic to gluten. 

Our youngest son is allergic to gluten (among other things) so I was interested in what he had to say about the subject.  He has a lot to say about the state of the “normal” American diet and I have to say some of the statistics he throws out there are pretty shocking:

“According to the Archives of Internal Medicine, If you drink two or more carbonated soft drinks and/or sugary “fruit” drinks a day, your chance of developing type 2 diabetes goes up 25-30%.  In the past 10 years, soft drink consumption among children has almost doubled in the United States. Teenage boys now drink, on average, three or more cans of soda per day. Teenage girls consume more than two cans a day.

Europe has banned ALL beef imports from the US due to our unhealthy practices including antibiotic use. 28 million pounds of antibiotics are used on livestock each year. One of the antibiotics used contains significant amounts of the most carcinogenic form of arsenic. Daily exposure to low doses of arsenic can cause cancer, dementia, neurological problems, and other ailments in humans.

Thyroid disorders and other autoimmune dysfunction has been linked to gluten consumption, along with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease.

He has a lot of other challenging stuff to say about what our diets consist of. 

I read a number of his other postings as well and really enjoyed them. 

So – all of this to say that I have decided to add a link to his blog to my links here.  I’ve been pretty picky and purposeful with the links so far, and I like the diversity his thoughts provide.  So, take some time and check out his blog, I’m sure you’ll find something funny, interesting, and thought provoking to read over there.

Since we’re talking about Project 86, let’s check out one of their videos.  I already made their song, “To Sand we Return” a Song of the Week a few weeks ago, but you can never get enough Project 86 right?! 

Here’s the video, lyrics below:

High noon cometh, not a moment too soon
There’s gonna be a firefight tonight
A reckoning to confront the residents of this tomb
A gunpowder party and it feels just right
There comes a time
There comes a day
There comes an hour when…

In every man’s life
In every man’s life
When he must…
Brandish his steel
Mount up his steed

In every man’s life
In every man’s life
My will be a dead man


All is quiet in the dusty alleyways
Few men dare to penetrate this land
And live to tell this terrible tale
My trusty six shot, my own right hand
There comes a day
There comes a time
There comes an hour when…

I’m not talking ’bout killing a man
I’m not referring to dirt, this land
There’s no showdown here besides the one
That’s erupting inside my head

My will be a dead man


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